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Theft and Hack Prevention

You've made an investment in the future of you and your loved ones by investing in cryptocurrency. You deserve the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that your crypto can never be stolen from your wallet, even in the case of a hack or theft.

With Harpie, you can set up a theft prevention policy that detects and prevents hacks and theft attempts before they happen. We scour the blockchain hundreds of times a second, and when we detect a malicious transaction, we out-bid and cancel the transaction before it even happens.

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What you need to know

Hack prevention for all of your wallets, all in one place.

Harpie hack prevention packages include support for multiple wallet addresses across multiple blockchains. Secure all of your wallets in a single place.

Test your protection plan any time.

Want to see it to believe it? Test out your hack prevention any time.

Fully customizable.

Want to pre-approve every single transaction that goes through your wallet address? Only want to approve some? Harpie's hack prevention is fully customizable.

Frequently asked questions

How can Harpie "outbid a transaction?"

Every transaction on Ethereum takes a small amount of time to process. In that time, another party can "outbid" the transaction, meaning that they can have their transaction execute first. Our technology outbids malicious transactions and transfers balances to a user-owned "safe haven" wallet before a theft happens.

What is the definition of a malicious transaction?

By default, we define all transactions as malicious. Users have an address book where they can approve addresses as safe addresses. Transactions to safe addresses are not detected as malicious.

How does Harpie detect malicious transactions?

We have multiple nodes and providers querying the blockchain hundreds of times a second. Malicious transactions are detected and eliminated before they are confirmed on the blockchain.

Is Harpie a wallet?

No, Harpie is not a wallet. We're a smart contract-based protocol that is designed to work with users no matter what wallet they're on.

Do I have to give you my seed phrase?

NO. We never ask for your seed phrase or store your private keys. All of our services are provided securely through smart contracts.

Can I read more technical details about this process?

Yes! You can read our whitepaper by clicking here.

Is the theft protection package releasing with Harpie's open beta?

Harpie's open beta package will release without theft protection. We plan to add theft protection as a post-open-beta feature. Sign up below to receive news on the feature.

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