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Natural Disaster Protection

With Harpie, be confident that your investments are safe even through the most sudden disasters. Safeguard your crypto investments in the event of destruction of your private key, seed phrase or hardware wallet. Fire, flood, earthquake or hurricane—start a protection plan and see how Harpie can bring you peace of mind today.

What you need to know

Natural disaster coverage for all of your wallets, all in one place.

Protect your crypto investments from natural disaster. Secure all of your wallets in a single place, across multiple wallet addresses and blockchains.

Simple and secure.

No need to have years of blockchain experience. Peace of mind is only 5 minutes away.

One plan, unlimited coverage.

Own ERC-20 tokens? NFTs? Protect every single one under one plan. No extra charges or hidden fees. (NFT support coming soon! Sign up or subscribe to our newsletter for updates.)

Frequently asked questions

Is Harpie a wallet?

No, Harpie is not a wallet. We're a smart contract-based protocol that is designed to work with users no matter what wallet they're on.

Do I have to give you my seed phrase?

NO. We never ask for your seed phrase or store your private keys. All of our services are provided securely through smart contracts.

Do I still have access to my crypto even with a protection plan?

Yes! Harpie holds none of your tokens & NFTs in custody. You can buy, sell, and swap just like you would without Harpie.

Can I use a hardware wallet?

Connect your Trezor or Ledger to Metamask and have full access to Harpie's protection plans.

Can I read more technical details about this process?

Yes! You can read our whitepaper by clicking here.

Is the natural disaster protection package releasing with Harpie's open beta?

Yes! Harpie's open beta package will release with natural disaster protection.

Protect your crypto against natural disasters

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