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Crypto Succession Planning

Investing in cryptocurrency is not just an investment for your own sake; it's also an investment for the sake of your loved ones. Harpie gives you the tools to make sure that your loved ones receive your cryptocurrency in case you are no longer there to provide for them.

With Harpie, you can set up a succession plan for your crypto assets and ensure that your assets are transfered to recipients in case you pass. Define your allocations to each recipient. Designate an executor of your plan, or have it done automatically. Set up safeguards to prevent fraud and foul play. Harpie gives you the options you need to craft the succession plan that you need.

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What you need to know

Succession planning for all of your wallets, all in one place.

Harpie succession planning includes support for multiple wallet addresses across multiple blockchains. Secure all of your wallets in a single place.

Hands-on, hands-off.

Designate an executor, or allow the process to be automated. We give you the tools you need to set up the plan that you want.

Safety first.

Set up the restrictions you need in order to prevent fraud and foul play. You can require recipients to provide documents of your choice and set up a lockout period upon your funds.

Frequently asked questions

How does Harpie verify that a person has passed?

We require death certificates from recipients of funds and do our own independent audit of death records as well.

How are asset transfers conducted?

After the necessary records are verified, we transfer assets out of the protected wallet and provide recipients a secure link where they can transfer assets into their own wallets.

How does Harpie maintain compliance?

Harpie will be rolling out the succession planning feature on a geographic basis to maintain compliance standards.

Is Harpie a wallet?

No, Harpie is not a wallet. We're a smart contract-based protocol that is designed to work with users no matter what wallet they're on.

Do I have to give you my seed phrase?

NO. We never ask for your seed phrase or store your private keys. All of our services are provided securely through smart contracts.

Can I read more technical details about this process?

Yes! You can read our whitepaper by clicking here.

Is the succession planning package releasing with Harpie's open beta?

Harpie's open beta package will release without succession planning. We plan to add succession planning as a post-open-beta feature. Sign up below to receive news on the feature.

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