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Accidental Loss Prevention

Losing a private key or seed phrase is the leading cause of cryptocurrency loss. You've invested time and effort into investing in cryptocurrency; now it's time to add the protection you need. Ensure that you're never a victim with a Harpie Protection Plan.

With Harpie, you can set up a recovery procedure in case you ever lose your private key or seed phrase. If you ever lose your key, you can log back into Harpie and transfer tokens out of your lost wallet and into a new one.

Protect your funds from the number one source of cryptocurrency loss. Start a protection plan with Harpie today.

What you need to know

Loss prevention for all of your wallets, all in one place.

Harpie protection plans include support for multiple wallet addresses across multiple blockchains. Back up and keep track of all of your assets, all in a single place.

Simple recovery.

As long as you have access to your Harpie account, you have the ability to recover your funds. You may recover your funds any time without restrictions.

Customizable security.

To access your backup, you only need to be able to access the email that you signed up with. You can add more security features, such as multi-factor authentication and social authentication to further secure your recovery process.

Zero knowledge.

Harpie never holds or sees your private key in any part of our protection process. Harpie as a company never has access to your backed up funds: only you do. See more in our whitepaper.

Frequently asked questions

Is Harpie a wallet?

No, Harpie is not a wallet. We're a smart contract-based protocol that is designed to work with users no matter what wallet they're on.

Do I have to give you my seed phrase?

NO. We never ask for your seed phrase or store your private keys. All of our services are provided securely through smart contracts.

How can I be sure that my funds are backed up?

We give all our users a dashboard where they can view their backed up currencies and test out the protection and recovery process themselves.

How does a backup contract work?

When a user signs up for Harpie, they also are generating a "Harpie Proxy," an Ethereum signer which that user, and only that user, can access via their email address. A backup contract involves assigning your Proxy as a trusted party of your wallet and giving it permission to transfer assets inside your wallet in the event of a loss.

Can I read more technical details about this process?

Yes! You can read our whitepaper by clicking here.

Is the accidental loss feature releasing with Harpie's open beta?

Harpie's open beta package will release with loss prevention.

Protect your crypto against accidental loss

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