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The most trusted way to

back up your crypto.

We know that accidents happen. Harpie prevents you from accidentally losing your crypto — so you can sleep easy knowing that your investments are safe for life.

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The most innovative organizations and firms trust Harpie:

Peace-of-mind made simple

Harpie accounts don't have passwords, so you never have to memorize anything to protect your wallet. Backing up your wallet with Harpie is easier, faster, and more secure than writing down a key in a password manager or notebook.

State-of-the-art data security

Users log into Harpie by clicking a link sent to your email address. We never ask for your private key during signup. The implication: Harpie never stores data on our servers that can be used by us to access your accounts or wallets.

Unlimited coverage

A Harpie subscription allows you to protect an unlimited amount of your tokens: no limits. Secure your wallet without making compromises on what you're protecting.

Ultimate flexibility

Harpie is cross-wallet and cross-blockchain compatible. We support all smart contract enabled wallets like Metamask and Trezor. We currently protect tokens on Ethereum, with immediate plans to expand to Solana, Polygon and BSC.

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