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NFT and ERC20 protection plans that scale with you.

Simple crypto protection plans that scale with you.

From key loss to phishing attacks, you can lose all your hard-earned crypto in a matter of seconds. Harpie protects your NFT collections and ERC20 tokens across all your wallets, all in one place.

Protect your NFTs and ERC20 tokens from

How does Harpie work?

A better backup solution

🔐 Protection beyond the wallet

Harpie isn't a wallet: instead, we add anti-hack protection or asset recovery features to your existing wallets.

👻 An invisible protection layer

Harpie protection plans never interfere with how you use your crypto. You remain protected even if you move, sell, or stake your assets.

🎉 Simple onboarding

Harpie gives you the bulletproof security you deserve in just a couple of clicks. Try it out here.

🔮 Zero-knowledge security

Harpie never stores your funds, private key, or any other way to access your funds. Read our zero-knowledge commitment.

Protect and Recover your crypto with Harpie

Peace of mind is just a few clicks away.