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Simple crypto wallet backups that scale with you.

Simple crypto wallet backups that scale with you.

Back up all of your crypto tokens and NFTs across every wallet, all in one place.
Sleep easy knowing that your investments are safe for life.

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A better backup solution

Peace of Mind

Harpie is easier, faster, and more secure than writing down a key in a password manager or notebook.


Harpie only needs an email to sign up – we never see or store your private key, ever.


Harpie is not a wallet – have full autonomy and access to your funds even while using Harpie.

Unlimited Coverage

Protect an unlimited number of tokens on an unlimited amount of wallets, all on a single subscription. No limits, no compromises.

Advanced Security

Harpie uses industry standard protection algorithms and hardware, like AWS KMS and AES-256, to keep access to your account secure.

Coming Soon

NFT protection (ERC721), EVM-compatible networks (Binance, Polygon), and Bitcoin + Solana functionality coming soon.

Protect your crypto.Use Harpie today.

Simple crypto wallet backups that scale with you.

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